Collection: KIDS BJJ GIS

Kids Brazilian JiuJitsu GI referred to as BJJ GI is the uniform that the practitioners wear during practicing BJJ, a martial art that predominately trains ground based grappling and submission techniques. The Jiu Jitsu GI often referred to as BJJ GI, serves several important purposes: it is the traditional uniform worn in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which consists of a jacket, pants and a belt. The BJJ GI provides a layer of protection reducing the risk of skin abrasions and mat burns during training or competition but It also helps maintain hygiene by covering the body and absorbing sweat which is important in close contact sports like BJJ, MMA and other grappling arts. The bjj gi's pearlweave fabric allows for various grips and control techniques. Grips on the collar, sleeves, and pants are essential for executing submissions and positional control. In BJJ competitions athletes are required to wear a BJJ gi that meets specific criteria such are certain weights and colours.