Collection: BJJ SHORTS

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Shorts are a must for NO GI grappling and MMA so if you are training or fighting you need to add our grappling shorts to your wardrobe.

MMA and grappling shorts may look simple but a lot has gone into the design to make them practical for the most demanding sports. MMA fight shorts must be extremely durable but also afford the wearer the maximum range of motion. Full range of motion is a must for BJJ and MMA sports due to the nature of the sport.

There are different types of MMA shorts available but most common are the BJJ NO GI Shorts which are styled on board shorts. These can come in various lengths but the latest trend within BJJ is short BJJ shorts and BJJ shorts with an inner liner. Vale Tudo shorts are made from a similar fabric to BJJ rashguards and are very tight fitting like a rash guard but they still allow full range of movement. Here at Valor Fightwear we offer all types of NO GI Shorts so its all down to personal preference.

So if you are looking for loose fitting grappling shorts or tight fitting vale tudo shorts we have you covered. We dont only sell mens MMA shorts, we also sell womens shorts and have a fully comprehensive range of Kids BJJ Shorts and Kids MMA Shorts to match our fully comprehensive range of adults BJJ shorts.