BJJ247 Returns to Blackpool Tower Ballroom

BJJ247 Returns to Blackpool Tower Ballroom

In the heart of Blackpool, where the sea meets the sand and history converges with modernity, the iconic Blackpool Tower Ballroom played host to the much-anticipated return of BJJ 247 competition at the tower ballroom after a six-year hiatus. The last time this prestigious Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu event graced the historic venue was back in 2015, and enthusiasts and competitors alike were eager to witness the revival of this thrilling competition at the venue. Valor fightwear returned with them having also attended the previous event in 2015 where sponsored athlete Lee Simpson was promoted to Brown belt.

The ballroom's grandeur and history provided the perfect backdrop for a competition that seamlessly blends tradition with the cutting edge of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, both in the gi and no-gi categories.

Competitors and spectators alike reveled in the opportunity to witness high-level grappling within the opulent confines of the ballroom. The return to Blackpool Tower Ballroom marked a symbolic moment for BJJ247, reminiscent of the competition's roots while embracing the evolution of the sport in both gi and no-gi formats.

One of the features of the BJJ247 return to the ballroom was Valor Fightwear, a brand that has become synonymous with quality and innovation in the BJJ community, catering to both gi and no-gi practitioners. Having been part of the last event in 2015. 

Known for their high-performance gi sets and no-gi gear, Valor Fightwear has been a consistent presence in BJJ competitions around the UK. Their dedication to the growth of the sport is evident not only in their products but also in their active involvement in events like BJJ247 events, catering to both gi and no-gi enthusiasts.

As attendees walked into the Blackpool Tower Ballroom, they were greeted by the vibrant and bustling Valor Fightwear pop up shop, showcasing the latest in gi and no-gi gear. The shop served as a hub of activity, featuring merchandise for both categories, from BJJ gi to no-gi rash guards and grappling shorts.

The Valor Fightwear team, always approachable and passionate about the sport, engaged in conversations with attendees, sharing insights into their latest designs and innovations for both gi and no-gi practitioners. From durable gi fabrics to moisture-wicking no-gi materials, the booth highlighted the brand's commitment to style without compromising on functionality in both divisions.


The BJJ 247 competition at Blackpool Tower Ballroom was filled with memorable moments that will be etched in the minds of both competitors and spectators in both gi and no-gi divisions. From breathtaking submissions in the gi to high-paced scrambles in the no-gi category, the event had it all.


As the echoes of the Blackpool Tower Ballroom competition fade away, the future looks bright for both BJJ 247 and Valor Fightwear, catering to the needs of gi and no-gi practitioners alike. The success of the event has undoubtedly set the stage for more competitions in iconic venue with BJJ247 planning to return to the ballroom for the next couple of years.

The return of BJJ247 events to the Blackpool Tower Ballroom was a fantastic ran competition in without a doubt the best venue the UK has to offer. It was a real pleasure for Valor fightwear to attend the return event and we look forward to supporting BJJ247 with future events around the UK


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